Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remote Access & Management

I have been testing a lot of remote venues for work, blogging and just for a change of scenery. I love WiFi. Un-tethered access to all the things I work on from any location makes me feel like I can do anything from anywhere. New innovations and ideas come to me all the time. Now I can put them into action anywhere.

While marveling at my new found freedoms I came across a product by Uplogix that allows computer network managers a way to work from remote locations. Read more here.

You would think that I just found out mobile computing existed. No, I just found out how powerful WiFi is and love the idea of remote access from anywhere-- anytime.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

AdSense---You cheated me. You should not have done that.

Removed the last remnants of AdSense from all new posts to this blog. This is a Blogger [Google] blog which resides on a sub-domain. What this means? Not all posts were republished with the new template format so Adsense ads will appear on older posts.

If they want the feed for quickmaps, blogger calendar, etc. and me to discontinue using their services I will be more than happy to. They owe me a big paycheck.

I still have adsense running on Q's Wire and NS&J forums. If the stats do not start looking more credible-- the forums will be next. Use these issues as a means to have DOJ start investigating? I will just have to make the case another way. I am tired of being cheated.

Google you cheated me. I do not like being cheated-- and then you added insult to injury.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Business Depends on Batteries

I am getting a new laptop computer for business so I have been doing a little research into the accessories and software I will need. I have owned notebooks before and the biggest problem-- extending the life of the rechargeable battery.

Almost all of the gadgets I use for business; notebooks, cameras, phones, etc. use some sort of rechargeable battery. The digital camera batteries seem to take the longest to recharge and what I seem to recharge the most. I tend to order rechargeable batteries online and have found some really great deals.

I like online stores that focus on one thing and offers nothing but batteries. Batteries for every conceivable mobile device, brand and size.

I always completely drain my batteries before recharging. This greatly extends the life of rechargeable batteries. However, if you have extended yours as far as possible, check out for new ones. It could be well worth your time.

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Barnes & Affiliate Interface

Awhile back I developed an interface for the WiredPages Entertainment page that took Billboards Top CDs and searched Barnes & Noble coupling my affiliate information so that I would get credit when users clicked on their CD selection.

I loved the interface but it was dependent on two resources; Billboard and the Barnes & Noble affiliate network. I removed the interface because Barnes & Noble discontinued their partnership with the service that handled their affiliate network.

I was an affiliate of the Barnes & Noble Network, however had no official relationship with Billboard.

NY Times Bestsellers 120x60When Barnes and Noble started their partnership with another affiliate network manager, I again signed up. This was some time ago. I have thought about creating a new interface-- but what I wanted was the New York Times Bestseller Book list. When I checked earlier, there was no list on the Barnes & Noble site and the xml feed the network manager provided did not have a bestseller option. Today, Barnes & has the New York Times Bestseller list. I have decided to create an interface.

Why tell you all this? Another way to tell you about what I do. WiredPages showcases what I do. How can I help you?

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