Thursday, July 05, 2007

Advertising, Local Networking... What about

I believe I should have a lot more business for both the web hosting venture [Hosting-Q] and the software consultancy-- QiSoftware. Recently, I have been calling on local business to introduce myself.

A recent idea to help garner more attention for my businesses involves local fitness venues. I am an avid exerciser. I use a treadmill at home. I have had great results without giving up too much of the foods I love. The problem? I have to spend about 2.5 hours a day on the treadmill to lose weight and about 1.25 to maintain. Of course giving up the consumables I love would cut this time drastically. In my case walking is often relaxing and actually helps me to relieve tension. I also come up with some of my best ideas while engaging in this particular form of exercise.

Understanding that not everyone has the time nor the interest to follow a plan like mine-- I thought of looking at local fitness franchises and asking patrons why they choose the programs they are using, along with several other probing questions. I hope to help others find fitness solutions for their own lifestyles.

In as far as business, what do I hope to gain? (1) Interest in my business. The management people of one fitness organization called to say they thought Q's Wire... very interesting and would love to be highlighted in a post. They also liked the blog's presentation. (2) If I can provide them with even a fleeting audience through the review-- they may want more advertising in the form of an ad or (3) perhaps a blog integrated on their own site. (4) Finally, because of ongoing issues-- I want to ensure that everyone understands who I am and what QiSoftware is about. These are my goals.

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