Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summary of Recent Business Related Efforts

I have been adding features, widgets, information and functionality to my online presence. Recent additions include:

Of late, I have concentrated my efforts on integrating services and data to my online services. I am currently working on a Google Maps interface. Need a service added to your online presence? You can reach me here.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Platinax-- Business Forum

As many of you know I am a big advocate of online forums. Especially forums that help to promote business. As related to business, forums help to enlist new clients, provide a venue in which common issues can be discussed and business related problems solved.

There are so many online forums in which to participate, it is often hard to know which are right for you and your business. If you are a Business Entrepreneur with an online presence or thinking about setting up an online presence this -- Business Forum is a good choice.

Platinax is a well integrated site consisting of the Forums, a Business Directory, Recent Press Items and other related areas.

The Business Forum is Powered by vBulletin and has about 4060 members with 20,500 posts and 4,820 threads. Ranked under 100,000 by Alexa-- it is a popular site and easy to use. It is currently free to register with the forum and the administrators do allow signatures with posts.

Popular discussion areas include--

  • Business Discussion
  • Start-ups & ideas
  • Management
  • Business Law
  • Advertising & Sales
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google
Economics and Finance
  • Ecommerce
  • Accounts
  • Finance
Web Development
  • Graphics & Design
  • Coding & Programming
  • Website showcase

As you will see when you visit the Business Forum, there are a myriad of other topic areas including a popular General area for Introductions, Off Topic issues and Classifieds.

I am registered on the forum as QiSoftware. Look me up.

This forum is well worth a visit and becoming a participate, especially if you are in business, thinking about starting a business and either have or are considering an online presence.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Affiliates:: Save Time Through Automation

The affiliate management organization Performics offers its publishing partners something called "OrangeLinks" which enables publishers to receive via FTP or email the latest advertised specials for each advertiser that participates.

QiSoftware develops software tools and scripts to enable publishers the ability to easily retrieve advertiser information to display in webpages, blogs and other online media.

Here is output from one of the latest tools-- generated from OrangeLink data.

CompUSA Specials
CompUSA Accessories: Save up to 50% 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA Networking: Starting at $14.99 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA Electronics: Save up to $400 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA Notebooks: Save up to $250 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA Printers: Save up to $125 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA Upgrades: Starting at $17.99 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA Desktops Systems: Starting at $699.98 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26
CompUSA LCD Monitors: Starting at $129.99 2007-05-20 thru 2007-05-26

These links are found on the Q's Wire... store page.

Integrating functionality to automate retrieval and display of affiliate links is another service offering of QiSoftware. See this link for pricing information for your specific project or here for general pricing information.

My time is valuable.... I have found solutions that enable me to automate retrieval and display of affiliate links. I can help you to save time as well...

---Regina Thomas

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do you have a MySpace space? CheckOut

MySpace, one of the largest online communities has a myriad of organizations and individuals developing styles for use with member profiles and "their spaces". One such organization,

The ObsceneCaffeine-- MySpace Layouts focus on cute, feminine and scary styles for the MySpace crowd. The free prefabricated styles I tested with "my space" worked well and provided something other than the default look. My presence on MySpace-- is of a business nature so these styles are not exactly right for "my space" but maybe right for "your space". The styles themselves are well crafted using sophisticated CSS techniques and support most browser platforms.

Another bonus of the ObsceneCaffeine site, the newly created Hot Chicks section which provides female celebrity photos for use on your MySpace profile. In addition, the site boasts any number of other graphics and avatars to use with your MySpace profile.

You can also tweak any of the MySpace Layouts to your liking.

To update your MySpace profile follow these simple instructions:

  1. Login to your MySpace account.
  2. Select the Edit Profile tab.
  3. Edit the About Me section and insert your new CSS style.
  4. Preview the style to see if you like it-- if so, save the changes.
  5. You are done.

ObsceneCaffeine provides free cute styles for the MySpace crowd. The styles are fun, young, attractive and most importantly-- in style.

My style, PlainJane-- QiSoftware@MySpace.

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