Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Blogger FTP

I recently moved this blog to the new version of Blogger. I have not offered a new post [on this blog] in awhile and there were a couple of things I had to sync up.

First-- for security reasons I setup a FTP account that only accesses the sub-domain [] this blog resides on. Blogger now requires the FTP username and password saved within the settings. [I am not a fan of this limitation.] I did not try to trick it -- but I thought of it.

Secondly, the archive link that I set within each post used a relative link reference rather than absolute-- so I had to update this url with the complete url including host name. Blogger will not even attempt to publish the post without the host name defined.

Third-- in each of the following Blogger setup forms:

  • Publishing -- FTP Path
  • Archiving -- Archive Path
  • Site Feed -- Site Feed Path

I had to leave the path input blank or in the case of Archive Path only specify "archives/" as the path. The program assumed a relative-- rather than absolute value for these specifications and created lower level directories in the sub-domain when the absolute method was used.

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