Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tied To A Programmer...

A recent post on SitePoint raised a red flag about coding ethics and the new "right" for Internet development efforts. The poster explained that because his "coder" would be needed for the entire life of the site-- he [the website owner] felt obligated to offer some sort of profit sharing plan-- to keep the coder onboard. It was also implied that the programmer had already completed a great deal of work on the site.

My initial response-- paraphrasing:
... if the coder were that important then something was wrong with the methodology he was using to develop code for the site. Any skilled programmer should be able to go in and later make changes or updates to the site, including programs.

Again, this was my initial response.

I later thought about some of my own offerings using the Java programming language, in which I do not offer source code. My Java tools are meant to be add-on features to most clients and not the major programming framework for the client's site. No I will not be providing the Java source code for tools that are developed in this environment. In addition, more and more PHP developers are using tools to hide from prying eyes-- work done in this open source language.

If I were developing a large database application that used Java [JDBC] access and it was the major framework for the client's site-- I would need to provide the source code-- so that the site owner would have options if I left or became otherwise unavailable.

I would not and do not provide the source code for the WordPress Blogger Calendar which uses Java [JDBC] servlet technology. The Blogger Calendar uses a end user type software agreement. The term "End User" Software Agreement has become a bit dysfunctional with Internet programming efforts.

What is the right answer? The wording in the contract that is signed and agreed upon by both parties before work begins.

Reference Posts: Blogger Calendar

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

USA Today Article: Blogs Put Businesses on Search Map

USA Today ran an article yesterday about business blogs and how they help to lure--
...more traffic to the company's website because it improves chances the site will reach the top of search-engine results. Blogs are easier and cheaper to update than conventional sites. And they encourage customer feedback on new products and services.

The article went on to provide examples of successful small business blogs. I agree, business blogging-- done right, is an excellent resource for business promotion.

Several years ago-- I looked into placing a listing with a local community phonebook. I did not blink at the cost-- which is well over what it costs to host Hosting-Q, today. QiSoftware is a bit more-- but not by much. And my reach is now global as opposed to the local community audience that the phonebook listing would have provided.

Business blogs are a great resource.

QiSoftware and Hosting-Q can help you set up your business future, today. We either integrate a blog into your existing framework-- or set up a business domain, that includes a business blog. Contact QiSoftware or Hosting-Q for more details.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hosting-Q ReDesign Installed

I released the new look for Hosting-Q earlier this month.

I am particularly happy with the blog's new look.

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