Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hosting-Q Re-Design

Since I will not be releasing the redesign for Hosting-Q right away-- I thought I would show you the new theme.

Why am I holding off on the new release? Other pressing matters and I want to check it thoroughly before installing on the live site.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Business Blogging Hurdles...

I have been researching business sites in an effort to learn what business owners are doing in as far as online promotions. I have even contacted a number of you.

I am a staunch supporter of business blogs as a powerful resource in the online promotion game. I have found plenty of sites that either promise "coming soon"-- as one follows their site's "blog" link or no reference whatsoever.

Online business sites should have blogs. Blogs are great promotion tools, search engines love them and the dynamic content enables your blog to become an interesting focal point for your online business. These business promotion tools should also be maintained on your business site [domain], if at all possible from the outset. Why? Well if you start a business blog on blogger.com or wordpress.com and build an audience, search engines will "learn" those domain addresses-- and as one respondent provided "Google Juice" is an important factor in the online "findme" game. This was why she had not yet moved her blog to her own business domain.

Note: Blog posts are indexed-- within search engines. Each time a post is published there is a strong possibility your domain gets another record correlating to the newly published post in major search engines and Technorati [Preeminent Blog Authority and Indexing Resource].

One might ask-- "Okay, you have convinced me I need a business blog, what do I write about?" Your products, services, you -- in the business sense or your customers/clients-- with their permission. You write about what makes your business unique and interesting.

Another question -- "I have a site-- but found my hosting platform will not support WordPress-- the most popular free blogging application. What can I do?" Blogger.com blogs can be set up to use your business domain and are also free.

Why are you not recommending Movable Type, TypePad or some of the other popular blogging platforms? Because although most of these platforms offer free Personal use applications-- they do not offer free use of the software for commercial use. Further, TypePad is actually not setup on private business domains. It runs from the Six Apart [parent organization] servers. You can use domain mapping with TypePad to have it appear as if it is available from your business domain. In this case your business site would get credit for the traffic.

To test the waters-- in as far as business blogging-- I recommend using a free resource. WordPress is an excellent choice-- free or not. That said, MovableType can be setup on most hosting platforms, however it is not free for the novice business blogger.

...or you can switch hosting services. Hosting-Q, a service of QiSoftware-- offers site hosting that does support WordPress. To learn more about what options are available contact-- consulting@qisoftware.com or sales@hosting-q.com.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Business Blogging Compares To Early Internet Usage For Business

Michael Oldfield writing for the Chronilce Herald discusses how business blogging compares to the effect the early Internet had on business.

If you operate a business should you be a business blogger? Can you live without the Internet today...

Hosting-Q-- QiSoftware's web hosting service, provides managed hosting without the cost. In addition, focus is given to businesses that want to add a business blog to their online promotional tools.

Personal bloggers are also welcome.

Reference Posts: Dynamic Business Pages

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

QiSoftware Server Problems 08-10-06

Experiencing server problems on QiSoftware.com-- this morning. QiSoftware.com and Hosting-Q.com servers are not co-located -- so the intermittent outage problems only exist on QiSoftware.com. Hosting-Q.com servers are up and fully operational.

You can also check server issues for all QiSoftware domains through the QiSoftware Support Blog located on the Blogger.com [blogspot] servers.

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