Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Blog Post Concept-- Post Templates

As some of you may know-- I recently started a web hosting service -- Hosting-Q.com, and I am hoping to attract business blogging clients.

In conjunction with this effort, I have been looking at ways to help professionals such as real estate agents use blogs to promote their interests. I came up with the idea of "Post Templates". How would this work? As an example-- a real estate agent wants to showcase one of his listings via a blog post. I have come up with a way to implement an interface by which he/she can request a listing [from the mls feed] as if it were a blog post. Actually I have come up with two ways to achieve this:

(1) Frames and a server side scripting language or
(2) Java applet and servlet combination

So a "Post Template" would be a way to define a "post data card" that would display the same type of information each time a post was defined using the template. What's new about this concept-- it is contained within a blog post as opposed to the listing pages these professionals currently use. Using a blog would give these professionals [agents] not only a means to provide the dynamic real estate listing but also other information they may wish to provide via the blog without having to create another page on their sites.

I have used the Real Estate arena in this example however the "Post Template" concept could be used in other areas. There are so many ways a business blog can help business. I can barely contain all the ideas I am coming up with.

Let me know what you think.

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QiSoftware Updates...

I recently modified almost every page on the QiSoftware.com site because I wanted to provide links to the Hosting-Q.com service area. I also had several updates to WiredPages the news service that I also use to showcase some of my applications.

I added several new links to WiredPages including:
(1)inc.com on the Business page.
(2)Hearst Castle on the Entertainment Page.

I forgot to add:
(1) Urban Dictionary on the Reference page.

I will get it the next time. Let me know if you find problems.

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