Saturday, May 13, 2006

News, Software & Java... New Look

The forums board-- News, Software & Java [NS&J]-- is getting a new look. I have not completed all of the modifications-- however most are done and the new template is now the default. Have a look:

If you like the other better-- when you sign on you can make it your default. I will be making further updates this weekend-- just to let you know.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

General Site Tweaking...

I spent the better part of the afternoon adding features and tweaking verbiage on my sites. Notable changes include:

  • The WiredPages Events page now has a form-- from which area events [city, state] can be retrieved.
  • The Real Estate page has a new form that enables searches of MLS IDs.
  • Listing your site or business in the WiredPages Business Directory will be more-- as of July 1, 2006. The new fee will be $45.00 per year. The current fee is $30.00 per year.
  • You may now specify a micro graphic to use with your listing. The graphic must be 88x31 [width x height] and there is an additional fee of $2.50 per year. See Site Submission link for more information.
  • Changed the logos on the main site and product pages.

In addition, I plan to add the following categories to the Business Directory:

  • Employment Services
  • Legal Services
  • Religion, Charities & Organizations

I had been putting this off-- for awhile, but I had so many updates sitting on unofficial discs [which for the most part had been published to the "live" sites] that I thought it time to do a lil house cleaning and move everything to the master discs. Glad that's done.

Do you tweak your sites or do you have someone do it for you? Sometimes worrying about the details-- and then checking the many platforms, makes me wish I was paying someone else to do it. The upside-- I can change things when I want.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Affiliate Programs... April '06

Major affiliate program 4035 impressions, 20 click throughs, and no sales, associated affiliated program -- 565 impressions, 1 click through and no sales. Other affiliate program -- 2074 impressions, 4 click throughs, no sales.

Google AdSense -- $4.11 for the month of April '06.

Unrelated Topic: There is a new "gizmo" on this blog's sidebar.

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