Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogger Calendar Feasibility Check --

New buttons on each QiSoftware blog that supports a Blogger Calendar will allow interested parties to submit their blogs for a "Blogger Calendar" feasibility check. QiSoftware blogs [with calendars] include:

When I receive your request I will email a confirmation code. I will later publish just the confirmation codes in posts on Q's Wire... This in an attempt to avoid email problems.

Since developing the calendar [September 2004], I have received about 30 related emails. In the same time period I have received one phone call. Given the numbers I see in various places related to the term "Blogger Calendar", I believe there are problems with my communications. I should have more curiosity emails and phone calls. This new access channel, hopefully will help to alleviate some of my communications woes.

Screenshot taken yesterday, of a major online search utility for keywords/terms.

This screenshot was arbitrary and consistent with what I have noticed as related to the "Blogger Calendar" term. In addition, the related search engine provided direct links to my sites on the first page of their results or to a forum with my reference links.

If you were to review the search results of any major online search engine for the term "Blogger Calendar" -- in most cases a QiSoftware link is either the direct link or the reference link on a forum -- for most of the entries provided on the first page of the results. The forums board where I originally posted the development announcement has about 7000 views alone. My board has 1158 as of right now.

For the search numbers I have seen-- as related to "Blogger Calendar", 30 emails and one phone call over the year and a half the calendar has existed, seems inconsistent with the general curiosity of the blogging public.

My version of the Blogger Calendar, to date only exists on the blogs I have listed above. If you have found another -- that works like mine, please let me know.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Code Tricks... #7 phpBB -- Delete Inactive Users

Here is the PHP code snippet to delete inactive users from your phpBB forum.

Do not use this hack if you do not require users to register to post on your phpBB forums board.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

NS&J::Deleting Inactive Users

Lately, I have been inundated with forum sitters so I developed a PHP hack for the News, Software & Java forums which enables quick deletion of inactive users on the board.

Forum Sitters
Those registering with forums and promoting sites under the guise of being the last member to sign up and therefore getting the curiosity [?who was the last to sign-up] link on the home-page of the forum.

Done in mass, I suppose it can generate a lot of traffic for the forum sitter's site, however it is a pain in the neck for forum administrators. There is a small glitch in my forum software that allows users to register without being activated and no way to prevent the signup before this occurs. The most recent registrant gets the home-page "curiosity link", no matter if they are active or inactive. Not even the visual challenge, at sign up can prevent this.

I hesitate to update the official board software because each time a new release is issued I have to reapply any changes I make. This new hack will allow me to delete all inactive users at once and is independent of the forum software modules.

Another problem -- the software will not allow users to register [appears to be an intermittent problem]. I have temporally applied a fix. In addition, board users are not accurately being reported. I recently installed the latest release of phpBB [v2.0.20] but I do not think it is related to this problem.

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google Calendar

Just signed up to use the Google Calendar [beta]. My test drive consisted of adding an event and playing around with the navigation features. Nice tool.

Thorough coverage of Google's latest innovation can be found here -- Google Calendar Wants To Date You.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PayPal Invoicing...

Last year, PayPaly instituted a new Invoicing System for business merchants, and I recently had the opportunity to try it out. The service makes it easy for merchants to request payment for one time transactions. It is a user friendly system and I am impressed.

This article -- How and When to Use PayPal's New Invoicing System is thorough in discussing the system's attributes and worth a read.

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Keyphrases Search [This Blog] -- April '06

April 1 through April 7, 2006 keyphrases you have submitted to this blog:

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Affiliate Programs... March '06

Major affiliate program 2822 impressions, 3 click throughs, and no sales. Secondary affiliate program -- 1077 impressions, 0 click throughs, no sales, and no sign ups [AmEx].

Google AdSense -- $1.89 for the month of March '06.

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