Friday, December 09, 2005

Code Tricks... #6 HTML Tricks & How Tos ---

Creating a list of useful HTML tricks on the forums board -- here. If you have a neat HTML trick that you'd like to share -- the topic area is open to anyone after login [I lock most of the list topic areas].

The current list includes:

  • Open all links in new browser:
    <base target="_blank">*
  • Redacted Text:
  • Remove underline/underscore from link:
    <a href="" style="text-decoration:none">Whatever</a>
  • TypeWriter Text:
    <tt>TypeWriter Text</tt>
  • Marquees [Blog Post -- does not work in every browser]:
    <marquee align="top" width=150 scrolldelay=150 loop="infinite" behavior="slide" bgcolor="#ffffff" direction="right">Hello World</marquee>

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*Updated 12.10.05 <base target="_blank">

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Business Proposal

Hello Kevin O'Keefe:

My name is Regina Thomas and I am the sole proprietor of QiSoftware -- a Washington, DC area consultancy. I have been looking through your site and the array of client blogs in your portfolio.

I have two reasons for contacting you:
(1) -- In September 2004, I developed a blogging tool - the "Blogger Calendar" [Java version], which I would like to have firms such as yours, adopt and offer as an option to your clients and
(2) -- you only deal with lawyers -- I would like to look into safeguarding my intellectual property rights with regard to this tool [Blogger Calendar].

You can find more information about me, QiSoftware, and the "Blogger Calendar" at the following links:
Qisoftware Business Site
QiSoftware Solutions
WiredPages News Service

Blogger Calendar Info -- Business Blog & demonstration of "Calendar" -- hosted
More Info -- Calendar -- Personal Blog & WordPress demonstration
BlogSpot Demonstration -- QiSoftware Support Blog hosted on [BlogSpot] servers --Calendar Demonstration

The "Blogger Calendar" is easily integrated into Movable Type blogs -- the blogging platform your company promotes -- however, at this time I do not have an online demonstration of the calendar for that platform.  I do however, have a copy of the Movable Type database schema.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel we can forge a mutually beneficial business relationship.


Regina Thomas - 301.233.7899

corrected "Intellectually" --> "Intellectual" in this version and removed e-mail addresses

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

WiredPages Gets AdSense...

Incorporated AdSense onto the pages of WiredPages today. I also had to modify each of the page headers. I forgot to change one of the pages before FTPing -- and the ads for that page are showing something totally unrelated to the page's content. This even though I did eventually change the header.

I checked another computer and the incorrect ads were there as well. Not sure how to correct this -- maybe it will correct itself.

I have noticed another issue with AdSense -- on certain computers, the ads don't show up at all. Did not check the computer in question with these new ads... Anyone else notice this problem? I have noticed this phenomenon with too. That forum stays busy... according to Alexa my forum is not busy at all.

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I started a blog -- here. I wanted to gain first hand knowledge of this blogging environment so that I would be better able to answer support questions.

Joining was easy -- see this link.

There were a few surprises. There are about 11 predefined templates that you may choose from but no clear way to define your own -- or tweak the one you choose. There is a file upload feature but it is only available when in write mode -- and probably only allows image uploads. Yes, I did successfully upload an image file. Other than these limitations it is much like the version [1.5.2] I use to maintain, Q's Wire... -- located on

There is a little more flexibility with hosted blogs than hosted blogs, with regard to template modifications by users and of course there is no way to incorporate the "Blogger Calendar" on hosted blogs because of this limitation. [There maybe a way -- however I will wait until the release is a little more stable before researching.]

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Updated 12.04.05

Friday, December 02, 2005

PHP HTTP Requests...

I use Java Servlets for HTTP Requests. Because of the popularity of PHP, I wanted to experiment with HTTP Requests in the PHP environment. I have developed any number of PHP Tools for popular forums boards and blogging platforms, so my PHP development experience has primarily dealt with database [MySQL] connectivity and access issues.

After a bit of research I found the PHP implementation of CURL.

I still have a bit more experimentation with PHP/CURL, however, for my sites [i.e., WiredPages], I will continue to use Java Servlets for HTTP Requests. That's not to say that I cannot provide support in this area. This indeed, is a very effective method for accomplishing a great many tasks where HTTP Requests are required. I simply feel that for my needs it is more efficient for me to use Java Servlets.

One reason -- the "on-the-fly1" information I like providing via my tools -- to client web browsers. Of course, not all of my "tools" [e.g., use of updated daily XML Feeds --, ex. Career Journal Feed] require "on-the-fly" interactivity, but the web page interactive mode [e.g., World Weather Tool] that I consider to be an important user interface convenience, is easily achieved in the Java environment.

User requested information is provided/updated for targeted areas of a web page without refreshing the entire page.

Another reason -- although I consider PHP to be a [very powerful] programming language, it is actually server side scripting... and in my opinion -- can never be as efficient as server side binaries and executables. Server side C programs for HTTP Requests would be another excellent choice.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Skype 2.0 [Beta] Offers Free Video Conferencing

Skype 2.0 [Beta] is available for review -- click to download windows version or download Mac version here. The new releases offer video conferencing and a toolbar.

Want to know more about Skype or download the non-beta version -- see here.

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