Monday, October 31, 2005

QiSoftware Reseller Hosting Proposal

I am interested in a Hosting Reseller Plan. [The following is in part -- my submission to a web host that offers Reseller Plans, for their consideration]. Noted here for those interested in the "Blogger Calendar" and my own Legal Notes...

Some background: In September 2004, I developed a Java Tool that utilizes servlet/applet technology -- the "Blogger Calendar". The tool requires a host that supports Java Servlets...

Not all users of the "Blogger Calendar" need a plan that supports Java Servlet hosting. They mainly need a good plan that will allow them to create a blog and utilize the "Calendar" from their hosted account. Most blogs use PHP and MySQL, however the "Calendar" is also available with blogs which are html based when hosted on private web hosts [as opposed to the BlogSpot Blogger servers]. I would set up a separate [Java Servlet Hosting enabled] account or use my main account to host their "Blogger Calendars". Java technology is very efficient and the small foot print of the archived applet and server side program are quick and use very little bandwidth. I am also an experienced programmer [come from a C/x-windows background] so memory allocation/deallocation issues have been dealt with effectively. I have had lots of requests for the tool, but most I think don't want the hassle of worrying about the Java Servlet Hosting. I don't think they should have to.

In addition, WordPress is a very popular blogging tool. ... Would you have a problem with my clients using this platform?

Another Consideration: The combination of MySQL databases and PHP can sometimes be resource intensive for popular blogs or online communities [forums]. Would this present a problem for you, say if my clients used a blog traffic exchange service to attract readers to their blogs?

Your site information indicates that you offer Reseller plans on a case by case basis. Would xxxx be interested in hosted accounts that I would promote as providing Bloggers/users with a QiSoftware "Blogger Calendar" without the worry of hosting such a tool?

Your consideration is appreciated.

Regina Thomas -- 301.233.7899

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Follow-Up E-mail From New Web Host...

Did not receive a follow up e-mail from new web host with important information. Have sent an e-mail to request the follow up. Not sure if outside interference the cause or overlooked by new web host.

Not sure if they have experienced any outside interference with regard to my hosting.

Message to new web host: I will never forget my password... Please do not give anyone access privileges to my account, including me if I claim I have forgotten. My credit card information is too easily obtained so this is not a secure means of verification.

Problems with my prior web host began in the summer of 2004. They claimed I called screaming about the loss of my password -- see this post. I have never forgotten a password related to web hosting. This would have also been before I installed PHP [NS&J forms and Q's Wire] applications on my site [see previous post]. Either they [previous web host] were not impressed with my "extra baggage -- [Washington Interference]" or someone did indeed try to gain unauthorized access to my accounts.

I was with my prior web host from June 2002 through just recently. Problems with my web host started after I began blogging -- June 1, 2004 -- here is the first post.

Legal Note: Posted for legal reasons.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Do You Really Want a Popular Community Site...?

Most of us use the web to promote our business sites. In the last few years blogging has taken off and many want to promote their blogs. My recent problems with my web host -- highlighted some issues with owning a popular community site, i.e., blog or forums board -- not to say that my blogs or forums are popular -- only to say that I have been reading up on web hosting issues associated with community sites.

Many web hosts mistakenly believe that because a site is popular -- that it is also a money maker and should therefore be subject to more fees. This is a misconception. Or that it is simply too resource intensive and costly for the inexpensive web hosting plan that it currently uses and becomes more a liability than the monthly fee it garners.

This is not to knock of my former web host. In my case I believe there are extenuating circumstances associated with my internet involvement and therefore I am not a good example to use.

However, in trying to figure out how much of my web hosting problems could be credited to my on-going issues with Washington versus how the web hosting industry conducts itself, I found some interesting reading.

Another problem could be -- PHP scripts and popular community sites. I use signatures and links to drive traffic to the PHP driven features on my site -- (News, Software, & Java forums and Q's Wire...). These site features get most of the hits on my site and use a lot of files [PHP script files]. It doesn't matter that the boards are really not that active in terms of participation [I maintain a lot of lists for bloggers -- therefore I get hits]. I also use to maintain popular blogging polls -- which I now require registration for participation.

And even if your site gets a lot of hits, it does not mean that advertisers are going to want to advertise on your site. So there is really no money in maintaining the community features on your site other than to help with your overall site ranking or to promote your business. And the ranking may be inaccurate because of the way PHP uses files and bandwidth.

Keep in mind -- I have evidence that Washington "watches" my online activities and could be causing some of the odd things that I have experienced. They may also be affecting my income from this venue. I make virtually no money [Adsense the exception -- but it is only pennies a month] from my online activities -- however, in my case, I suspect foul play. The money aspect is qualified here because some moderately popular boards maybe making money through advertising -- however, I only have my own experience to go on.

If your web host is sending odd messages and you have a community board or a popular blog that uses PHP ... be prepared. By the way -- I am not knocking PHP... I think it is very useful for these types of tools. The problem is that it is very resource intensive and web hosts know it. It also does not matter that you are coming nowhere near your plan limits.

Pushing your PHP community boards on an inexpensive web hosting plan may be a bad thing. You could lose your web host.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Crawl Your Own Site...

I am being inundated by bots. I am not sure if this is because of the change of web host or something else. One particular bot [], appears to be trying to index the forums board, but it is doing it in a manner that is very invasive. It started yesterday and I had over 1807 hits. I denied access the series of IP address associated with the domain name, yesterday around 8:00 p.m. This morning I have lots of error logs indicating this bot is still trying to crawl my site. I am not sure who this bot belongs to but it must be stopped.

The Alexa bot (IA Achiver, 1055 hits) ceased its rampage through my site once I re-installed the robots.txt files. What I find particularly irritating about the IA Achiver bot is that it belongs to Alexa and the ranking service will derail site rankings if there are too many bot hits. However it did honor the robots.txt file so that's a good thing.

What's normal -- GoogleBot has around 140 hits for the one week period and MSNBot has about 273 hits for the same period. This is even high for my file headers, but okay.

This new bot [] is not honoring my file headers nor the robots.txt file. I had to deny access. I don't care if my forums are not indexed for this search engine. Stop crawling my site.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WordPress 1.5.2 Upgrade Notes...

Recently upgraded my WordPress installation to 1.5.2 [latest release] -- Q's Wire... This version allows only the set number of posts to be displayed for catagories, years, months, or days. Before, if you selected a month -- the program displayed all posts, even if there were more than the amount specified by the global setting [reading option setting].

To accommodate this limitation [which is a good idea, could have lots of posts for one category, month, etc.] -- I placed links on the upper sidebar and lower posting area to allow users to navigate to "Older" or "Newer" posts based on the current post selections. This was accomplished with the following php call:

<?php posts_nav_link(' ','Newer','Older'); ?>

The WordPress version of the "Blogger Calendar" integrated easily with the upgrade.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Coming Online Slowly

It was a busy week with the loss of my web host. Starting to bring things back online but it may take some time. I am amazed that I wasn't more put out by the whole thing. From a business standpoint I was very put out, but calm through most of it. I consider that loss [web host] a big one, but I have found another that I am happy with.

Things look a bit different. Looks like some of my files were a bit corrupted in the backup. I have offline back ups of everything so it will be a bit tedious for awhile.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Affiliate Programs: E-Mail Contact Other Merchants [Records Check]

Based on reporting anomalies with my affiliate programs I sent e-mails to travel merchants I use on my sites, requesting sales record checks.

In response to one inquiry [non-travel site] -- Informed that I should have used an affiliate link rather than a link from the site for my purchases.

Noted for legal purposes only. Internet Crime Complaint Center

Reference Posts: Simply Ignored.

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WiredPages Status, Bugs, & Issues

To report a problem with WiredPages go here. For known issues and status reports see this link --> WiredPages Issues & Status.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Simply Ignored.

My affiliate program, in the last month has ignored two sales that I executed. I received the most incredible response -- which also indicated that if I did not respond to a no-response@... e-mail address within 72 hours they would consider the matter closed. How does one respond to a no-response e-mail address?

What did they want -- they had to search the database and needed the transaction ID. -- Wonder if there were more sales than the two I asked about?

Why not take the ads off. Because fraud is an issue the FBI can investigate. Fraud is fraud. And I expect them to investigate. One more bizarre incident in this never ending nightmare.

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Where is the Zip Code Retriever?

I developed the Zip Code Retriever for the Maryland Wired site in 2003. When I put up the WiredPages site [April 2004] this was one of the tools incorporated. Last month I realized this tool was no longer working and disabled it. Maryland Wired stopped publishing in late 2004 [Maryland Wired -- published between 1999 - 2004] so only the WiredPages site -- still featured the tool.

When I redesigned and moved WiredPages last month, from my AOL account I decided that I would not use the tool. I miss my tool but at this time it is too much of a hassle [government red tape] to keep the tool active and I have decided to pass.

Legal Stuff: Other names I have published under or used include -- rdtorg or RDT & Associates. My initials RDT. Sorry to bore some of you with all this legal stuff... There is a reason I need to do this.

Reference Posts: Zip Code Retriever , Other QiSoftware Tools, Other Legal Stuff About Sites

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Monday, October 10, 2005

October05 Queries of this Blog

Here are your queries of this blog from October 1 through October 9 2005:

Blogger Calendar information can be found here.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

Leveraging the LinkedIn Experience

Last year I joined LinkedIn -- and although I have been contacted once or twice about positions, I really have not done much professional networking via this forum -- that is until now.

I recently joined two Yahoo! groups which provide another means for LinkedIn members to network. I found the first via this article -->Are You a Blogger....

Combined with your LinkedIn membership -- these groups can add another dimension to the LinkedIn experience. My contacts have more than doubled since joining these groups. My groups: LinkedInBloggers and MyLinkedinPowerForum.

Other articles about LinkedIn:

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

MacIE Area Shape Solution...

Implemented a fix for the MacIE problem with the HTML <AREA SHAPE> tag. See this forum post.

You will recall -- the Entertainment Horoscope section was not working for this particular browser.

Related Posts: MacIE Area Shape Problem

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Should Your Small Business Have a Web Site?

Interland conducted a survey of 780 small business owners with regard to their online presence. Summary of the results:

Read the entire article here. I am a software consultant -- so I feel my online presence is very important.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

XML Parsing Mistakes

My new CareerJournal Headlines interface, has a mistake this morning. Here is the problem:
When I reference any number of manuals at my disposal, the escape sequence/HTML Entity for "&" is provided as -- or . This sequence -- was used -- which I am not currently handling. Based on my manuals, I wanted to ask CareerJournal to stick to the standard. However, a part of the ASCII Chart [shown on the right] that I often provide as reference also uses the shortened version. [I use my offline manuals more often and of course cannot provide them as online references.]

This is a relatively common problem. Here is part of the AOL main screen -- from this morning.

Bare with me while I work out "my" kinks.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

CareerJournal Headlines On WiredPages

I added the CareerJournal XML Headlines feed to the WiredPages Employment Guide.

Customized news headlines can be added to most sites, pages, or blogs.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Affiliate Programs... September 2005

I had a sale last month. Why? I was the consumer. My sale did not show up in my reports. I contacted the affiliate program. They have yet to respond.

My sale was around the beginning of the month. I was hoping it may have been late reporting. It doesn't appear as this is the case.

For the past year -- I thought I was doing something wrong. So I re-examined links, the number of ways I promote my sites, so on.

My sale did not show up. How many others? I have never sold anything according to my affiliate manager. I made a sale to me... The reports are wrong.

It's not too late for my sale to show up. I would like to believe in fair and right. My sale should show up............ Quid Pro Quo. When is a deal not a deal?

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