Monday, September 28, 2009

Finding Local Business via Social Media...

There are a myriad of social networks that might also help business owners find new audiences.

For example-- I am the Facebook organizer for my high school alumni group. My high school-- Arundel Sr. High, was one of the largest in the state and since starting the group [November 12, '08], it has grown to 1220 members.

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Recently, I developed an interface [illustration only] that uses to provide inventory data for specific dealers. My association with the alumni group, as well as my online line news service [WiredPages] and blogs-- may offer local advertisers a reason to use my custom interfaces to get their products to the local market.

The Internet is still young [relatively speaking] and ways to exploit this medium are just being discovered and researched. I started the group -- because I want an "open" online presence for me and my business. Early on, I developed several innovative tools [e.g., Blogger Calendar & Technorati Blog Ranking Tool] which are known in the blogging community. I want to ensure QiSoftware and Regina Thomas are known for these developments. My high school alumni group, which did not exist on Facebook at the time, seemed like a good way to ensure I keep mistaken identity issues at a minimum.

Can I parlay this association into local advertising sales? Not sure. I also have to be careful not to exploit the association. That said-- all members can use the group for the same type of promotion as long as it is not too obnoxious nor irritating.

Coming up with new ways to use the many-- as yet undiscovered facets of the Internet-- to marry business, technology, advertising and common sense is something I love doing.

Does your Facebook High School or College Alumni Group exist? Are you still in the area? In business? What are you waiting for?

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