Saturday, June 20, 2009

Business Directory Advertising on WiredPages

I am thinking of adding an interface to the WiredPages Business page that would provide business profile listings associated with the ProfessionalProfiles service.

The interface would work in a manner similar to the FashionFinds interface on the lower Style & Events page.

Though I promote the ProfessionalProfiles service quite a bit-- I am not getting the response in terms of profile registrations I had hoped for.

That being the case, I am also looking into partnering with local business directories and using their more robust listings [as delimited text files that they would provide periodically] as the source of the business profiles-- I would promote via WiredPages. Of course, clicking on summaries or links on the interface would return to the source partner.

Everyone is talking about doing business closer to home these days. I am finding audiences but not finding those that want to list directly. Partnering with a well established local business directory might be a good solution for both the local economy as well as another way for me to showcase my talents insofar as coming up with new ways to promote and advertise online.

Why would I want to keep it local? I do have a large audience in both the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas and because the data will only show 1 or up to 3 listings at a time-- I want to keep it to a regional type service rather than a more global service that may have hundreds or thousands of listings.

If you have a business directory and would like to learn more-- use this contact form.

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