Saturday, March 14, 2009

iTunes problems...

I have two interfaces that offer the most popular iTunes songs. One for the Q's Wire shopping page and the other for the WiredPages Entertainment page. Both interfaces are inoperable because the feed is not there. A manual check provides the feeds are available with my affiliate info-- so I am not sure what the problem is.

I am in no hurry this weekend to correct the problem. I may fix it on Monday. This notice to provide-- I know of the problem-- but feel there is really another problem-- and I would prefer to correct the actual problem rather than what appears to be someone changing the original feeds. Apple may have simply changed something as related to the certification of the feeds. I received no notification stating this was the case. I have no idea how many use iTunes feeds for affiliate marketing but since I am having problems getting credit for sales, there is a question of grand theft. I want to figure out why a change would have been made without notifying me. Too many in high places-- appear to have their hand in the wrong cookie jar-- and the FBI may be undecided as to how to jail-- a very important leech-- maybe even one of their own. I am going to help them.

That said-- I want the grand theft case--to be the reason the FBI cannot continue to ignore. $.99 per iTune-- may take for ever. Every little bit helps.

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