Monday, February 02, 2009

Counting Impressions @LinkShare

I have been doing some research into why it is I am not getting impression data for one of my affiliates [iTunes]. I developed servlets for the shopping page of Q's Wire and the WiredPages Entertainment page to render the top 10 songs according to iTunes.

LinkShare the affiliate manager, awhile back introduced major changes to the web services they offer and also explain how to create on the fly impression images. I am just getting around to reading about the new offerings.

iTunes was in the forefront of allowing affiliates to create custom feeds and I used their custom service to generate feeds for use with my servlets, however their feeds do not provide the impression image-- hence I could not check to see if things were tracking.

The 1x1 impression image that is normally used to count impressions was not available with the custom iTunes feed I generated-- however I am using CD cover images which I thought should provide the count-- but do not.

I have never had any iTunes sales-- and occasionally get clicks from the two pages that offer my feeds.

I am going to be updating the servlets to create the 1x1 impression tracking images and hopefully this will enable the impression tracking for my sites.

Unfortunately, the Barnes and Noble feed is not a feed but a "I did it the hard way" parsing of the page adding my affiliate information-- to each link. Impressions are not tracking. Still looking into how I can get this affiliate-- that is associated the Google Ad Network to work-- too.

By the way, if you are a LinkShare affiliate-- I can develop custom interfaces to automate generation of your online affiliate links/ads and storefronts.

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