Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wiredpages Real Estate Features

I am in the midst of adding new features or enhancing existing tools on the WiredPages News Service.

Last night when I was developing the WSJ Real Estate News Headlines magnet for the Real Estate page, I noticed I made a mistake with the last tweaks to the AP news servlets, that I updated just before Christmas.

The mistake I made could have been costly [in terms of server resource loads] if I had more traffic to the news service. Reports indicate very little traffic. The problem-- I do believe I have more traffic but it is underreported. I do not owe sorry. I owe-- liars do not get to scream too loudly. My mistake was not intentional. Part of the problem-- security procedures I use to protect my code. Hopefully, I have corrected the error and both Hosting-Q and QiSoftware servers should be under less strain.

The new feature I added to the Real Estate page? Real Estate headlines from the Wall Street Journal [WSJ]. See the illustration below, for some of the existing tools, plus the new feature.

I am taking my time about adding the new features to the news service-- however, in the coming weeks you will notice the changes if you are a regular visitor.

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