Monday, January 05, 2009

Internet Access in Economic Hard Times

Since getting Verizon FiOS about a year ago-- I have been adding more interactive media devices to blog posts. I was always very conscious of Internet download issues for those visitors with slower Internet Service Providers [ISPs] and now wonder-- with the economy in its current state, how well my interactive media posts are being received?

I use a lot of Java Applets on my sites and though I always packaged my applets in the correct manner for quick download- I feel Java got a bad reputation when the Internet was first becoming popular. The reason? Java developers were not packaging the tools properly for the slower dial-up connections-- and visitors became frustrated waiting on the applets to download.

Today, I am concerned that the many interactive tools [e.g., YouTube, or my own Java Media Player] I use on sites and in my blog posts, are less than ideal for those that may have gone back [in these less than prosperous economic times] to a less expensive ISP solution.

I still keep a dial-up AOL account active for power losses and to optimize tools for the slower environment. I have noticed a lot of business promotion organizations going after the small business market in hopes of signing them up for online video presentations. I am wondering what the return on investment [ROI] is to get these videos online and who is actually seeing them?

A local dentist wants to promote their business with online video presentations? Does everyone in the targeted marketing area-- have Verizon FiOS? Or are these businesses relying on being found via a potential client's/patient's work computer and ISP?

There is a local business person who I keep finding online. I noticed her about 2 years ago and found her again last evening. She reminds me of people I know. She seems to wear many hats and her latest [about a 1.5 years ago-- anyway] was partnering with local businesses and producing online videos as a new way to promote. Some of the promotional videos included-- a local shoe designer, DC Bakery and a Columbia Restaurant. Each video, well produced and interesting-- however, it appears this, one of her many ventures was short-lived. Why?

I am interested in Lessons Learned and what works in the changing economic climate as related to online promotion.

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