Sunday, December 07, 2008

WiredPages Shopping Page Error-- Late '08

Awhile back I discovered the Books-A-Million query I have on the WiredPages Shopping Page no longer worked. I corrected the problem, sort of on the fly [meaning I corrected the online file/page] and then later updated the file I keep on an intermediate disc for these types of updates. I made a mistake when I corrected the file I keep on the intermediate disc which rendered all of the queries on the shopping page inoperable.

The original file I corrected [on the fly] was clobbered when I reinstalled all of the WiredPages files, which I do often. Why? To insure my affiliate links are my affiliate links and because in the past, I have had too much tampering with the site.

WiredPages is my showcase site on QiSoftware. It provides working demonstration of a lot of my software tools. I do not like the tampering I have seen on the site-- hence I reinstall the master files often. It is simple with SSH.

This mistake was mine. Sorry for the inconvenience. What I find amazing? My stats show WiredPages is barely visited, yet the indication was, this was noticed by the those that visit the site's shopping page or those that benefit from being listed on the page. If the site is not visited-- why would it have been noticed? Independent affiliate links and impression tracking corroborate the site is not visited. I provide the WiredPages Business Directory link in my online signature [forum posts, emails, etc.]. The main WiredPages site? No. I maintain, the main WiredPages site, speaks for itself.

Well never mind. The WiredPages Shopping Page has been fixed and it was my fault. In other words, I do not believe in this case, someone tampered with the site. This problem should have only been around for a month or so.

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