Sunday, December 21, 2008

WiredPages & End of Year Updates

I have been busy updating links, tools and services found on WiredPages. WiredPages is a news service which doubles as a showcase for my software tools.

Included in these year-end updates:

  • Reinstalled the ZipCode Retriever on the Business page.
  • Replaced the Top Movies Magnet on the Entertainment page-- [broken feed].
  • Many changes to the Reference Page
  • One or two updates to the Shopping Page.
  • Numerous updates on other pages-- which comprised a multitude of deletes or updates to "dead" links. If I missed one-- let me know.

I am in process of updating many areas on both QiSoftware and Hosting-Q.

Once I have completed the end of year housekeeping for both sites, I hope to enhance [evolve] the World Weather Tool on WiredPages. I am pretty excited about this enhancement plan. It will provide more on-the-fly information [extended weather forecasts-- based on any world city] with new easy to use navigation buttons.

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