Monday, December 29, 2008

were we ready

The Internet has become so important in our daily lives. My first real notice of the Internet? I was searching for a macro that would convert my Word .doc software user's manuals to html-- so that I could install the guides online for my Navy customer. When I think about it-- I am amazed at how important the Internet has become in everyday life-- and I am not sure why. I love technology.

Back then-- we [me and my Rockwell coworkers] were just beginning to look at the possible uses for this medium. Of course email had been around for sometime, but the Internet-- that was a whole new ball game.

Today-- I see brick and mortar stores struggling [Amazon says it had its best holiday ever] and news organizations [i.e., newspapers, television, etc.] going under or laying off in mass.

I cannot imagine not having the Internet today. Research, shopping, business and breaking news have all been affected by its existence.

I often wonder [especially now with so much bad economic news]-- for those that were used to doing things one way-- whether they wish they could go back and plan out a different strategy for their businesses-- and what the strategy would have been?

Is it too late? I do not think so? But then again-- I was worried about on-the-fly before Web 2.0 became a term.

I believe jobs everywhere have been lost because the "middle man" or "brick and mortar stores" are being cut out. The folks that had those jobs-- what are they doing now? Who is paying their health care?

The news media? We have all become purveyors of the news-- here again, cutting out that "brick and mortar". I am sure there was an impact study done as related to the Internet. This is one of those high ticket items the U.S. Government procurement office loves paying for. I would like to review the online version :-}.

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