Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Financial Miscalculations

Yesterday, ABC News reported [along with others I am sure], the Tribune Company had filed under Chapter 11-- their link.

The Tribune Company owns several papers like the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun. It also owns the jobs site CareerBuilder, Apartments.com [I developed a widget awhile back to use on the WiredPages Real Estate Page], cars.com, several television stations, the Chicago Cubs and several other notable entities. I carry several of their links on WiredPages. No I am not compensated. They are there because they are the best in a given area.

I heard the news late-- on a rebroadcast of the nightly program and was surprised. Because my own financial outlook has been interfered with and has been in dire straights for a great many years-- the economic woes that have been reported of late, have not really been a tangible for me.

I work hard to get nowhere and have been doing so for a long time. This story seemed to hit a nerve with me. We are in trouble.

I signed up to be an affiliate with Apartments.com via CommissionJunction [CJ] about 2 years ago. That is when I built the Java Applet to help with my affiliate sales. The development took an evening because I had to manually create each link because CJ assigned special ids. Within 3 months of installing the widget, CJ or Apartment.com deactivated our relationship and I was pretty ticked. I thought they thought I would leave the applet in place on the Real Estate page. I did not. I took it down for about 8 months. I then decided to remove the CJ links and just make it a plain tool for use on WiredPages.

As I have provided-- I have been in dire straights for awhile. I have never made anything off of Apartments.com -- neither as an affiliate nor as a developer/advertiser that thought my visitors may find the tool useful.

I have done my part. What I want to say to others? I can manage my own money. I think you should worry about managing yours better. I have already given for this huge miscalculation.

Who is going to pay for the huge miscalculation dealt me?

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