Sunday, November 30, 2008

ProfessionalProfiles User Registration

ProfessionalProfiles is a listing service which I promote quite heavily and offer to users that want more online exposure. When I have gone to Meetups in the past-- the indication has been many cannot submit their profiles. Today, while updating a new profile I submitted, I noticed a high number of users in the User table:

Most of the 729 user records in the database are blank. This could be because of a bot-- however since I have had interest about the service I wanted to assure those that have tried to submit a profile that the service is operational. I periodically submit profiles and add new users. Today, I did both. Here is a screen grab of the latest user I added:

I have had tampering with my sites []. ProfessionalProfiles is hosted on I am not sure if this is part of the tampering problem. The indication was something prevented some from registering. The blank records seem to corroborate. I am not having a problem. This means tampering. I keep my MacBook with me most of the time. I will be happy to help you setup a user account and submit a profile if you catch me at a meetup or other networking event.

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