Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1800 Flowers-- I loved your ads

Today, I received notification that my 1800-Flowers affiliation has been temporarily suspended. Since I have never sold anything-- [though it bothered me a little-- I like the ad], I continued to enjoy my afternoon sitting beneath a Panera Bread umbrella. My office away from the office.

I am in the process of removing the 1800-Flowerslinks from WiredPages. I wanted to provide this public notification because I was a little concerned with the originating address of the email sent by the affiliate program.

I happened to see the CEO of 1800-Flowers on television earlier in the day and since I have asked Federal authorities to investigate fraud questions want to insure everyone is on the same page.

I had an email-- both an internal [within the Linkshare management program] and external emails from 1800-Flowers earlier in the month [August 4, 2008] related to a new search policy and thought it strange I did not have an official internal notification concerning the temporary suspension [their words] of our affiliation agreement.

At this time, I am not interested in writing programs [automated ad generation using web services] and promoting WiredPages more than I currently expend in this area-- so I believe this temporary suspension will become permanent.

I am always surprised when it appears someone thinks it is my privilege to place their ads for free on my sites. I do not promote WiredPages as much as other areas of my sites and services, however it is my favorite area of all my sites. It is my pride and joy. I have had many ask to be listed on WiredPages. Surprisingly, Q's Wire also. At this point-- this is about DOJ and the question of fraud.

I have never had any sales from WiredPages nor Q's Wire when I have placed the 1800-Flowers ads in these areas. I do not mind the no sales. I was having a hard time with the impression counts.

As I stated-- this is only to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Regina Thomas

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