Thursday, January 10, 2008

Business Depends on Batteries

I am getting a new laptop computer for business so I have been doing a little research into the accessories and software I will need. I have owned notebooks before and the biggest problem-- extending the life of the rechargeable battery.

Almost all of the gadgets I use for business; notebooks, cameras, phones, etc. use some sort of rechargeable battery. The digital camera batteries seem to take the longest to recharge and what I seem to recharge the most. I tend to order rechargeable batteries online and have found some really great deals.

I like online stores that focus on one thing and offers nothing but batteries. Batteries for every conceivable mobile device, brand and size.

I always completely drain my batteries before recharging. This greatly extends the life of rechargeable batteries. However, if you have extended yours as far as possible, check out for new ones. It could be well worth your time.

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