Thursday, January 10, 2008

Barnes & Affiliate Interface

Awhile back I developed an interface for the WiredPages Entertainment page that took Billboards Top CDs and searched Barnes & Noble coupling my affiliate information so that I would get credit when users clicked on their CD selection.

I loved the interface but it was dependent on two resources; Billboard and the Barnes & Noble affiliate network. I removed the interface because Barnes & Noble discontinued their partnership with the service that handled their affiliate network.

I was an affiliate of the Barnes & Noble Network, however had no official relationship with Billboard.

NY Times Bestsellers 120x60When Barnes and Noble started their partnership with another affiliate network manager, I again signed up. This was some time ago. I have thought about creating a new interface-- but what I wanted was the New York Times Bestseller Book list. When I checked earlier, there was no list on the Barnes & Noble site and the xml feed the network manager provided did not have a bestseller option. Today, Barnes & has the New York Times Bestseller list. I have decided to create an interface.

Why tell you all this? Another way to tell you about what I do. WiredPages showcases what I do. How can I help you?

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