Saturday, January 12, 2008

AdSense---You cheated me. You should not have done that.

Removed the last remnants of AdSense from all new posts to this blog. This is a Blogger [Google] blog which resides on a sub-domain. What this means? Not all posts were republished with the new template format so Adsense ads will appear on older posts.

If they want the feed for quickmaps, blogger calendar, etc. and me to discontinue using their services I will be more than happy to. They owe me a big paycheck.

I still have adsense running on Q's Wire and NS&J forums. If the stats do not start looking more credible-- the forums will be next. Use these issues as a means to have DOJ start investigating? I will just have to make the case another way. I am tired of being cheated.

Google you cheated me. I do not like being cheated-- and then you added insult to injury.

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