Thursday, November 29, 2007

ProfessionalProfiles-- Marketing

Last spring I submitted a project plan to Forbes for ProfessionalProfiles. The concept was based on a service I found on a women's site that provided unhindered access to the group's professional profiles.

What I liked about the service was that anyone could access the profiles, the ease in which it was to navigate the profiles and that the system worked. Often I have perused organization sites that do not offer public access to business directory areas or the service itself is problematic [lots of SQL errors].

A month or so later after researching several applications and functionality I chose Noahs Classifieds as the backbone for the service. I installed Noahs Classifieds on WingSix servers, my web host at the time. There were all sorts of problems installing the package on their servers so I abandoned the project for awhile not wishing to develop an entirely custom application.

Over the summer I switched web hosts and found that I had no problems installing Noahs Classifieds so I began development work. The service sits on a sub domain on my hosting site [Hosting-Q] and is currently the most popular area on the site. Over the last 30 days there have been 462 unique visitors with 541 pageviews to that area alone. This according to Google Analytics which I have found is very conservative when reporting traffic for my sites.

I credit a lot of the visits to my forum signatures, a promo I run in the header of Q's Wire... and a listing placed here.

The thing is-- there are only about 6 profiles-- to date. With the audience the site generates, I am researching why this is the case? I intend on correcting this problem. The listing fee is nominal and I promote the service quite a bit. For less than $10.00/year I work at putting your business and services before others that may need them-- and I have a proven track record.

I will continue to look for new ways to promote this service-- however it seems that even the very conservative numbers Google provides, should garner more interest than I am seeing. I was promoting QiSoftware on a shoestring budget. A forty dollar expense on the women's site when I had other priorities was not something I could justify. I could justify $10.00. I should be seeing more interest from those on a shoestring budget either wanting or needing to list.

I still like this idea and always thought it was a good idea. I will not get rich putting this service to good use nor will anyone else-- not unless a profile listing finds the right target. There should be more interest. Are you listed?

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