Monday, October 22, 2007

Smorty Review [Blogging for Pay]

So are you interested in making money with your blog? As earlier reported, I am reviewing several services that pay bloggers to do just that-- "blog".

You might ask-- "Why would anyone pay me to blog?". Any number of reasons including your reviews and opinions on products and services are wanted, as well as the advertising benefits the posts generate for the products and services you are blogging about.

My latest review is for Smorty, one of the "quieter" kids on the block, in as far as blog advertising services go, but nevertheless popular.

The first thing you'll notice about-- Smorty? The site has a super easy look, which in this case also translates into super easy to use. This is a good thing. I became a blogger because my first blogging service-- had a super easy "look". Here is Smorty's--

I have joined several services that pay bloggers, however this was the first that I noticed, after a quick glance at their rules, that had a special rule about grammar. That is not to say you cannot get your blog approved with a minor error here or there, after all grammar is not always my strong suit-- however, Smorty maybe a little stricter in this area than some of the others.

Some of the other features that distinguish Smorty from similar services:

  • Unique blogger rating system.
  • Approves blog posts in a shorter "window" of time.
  • Pays more frequently.

Blogging for pay-- especially if you are not a professional writer but love blogging, researching, and testing new products and services-- it's a really neat thing.

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