Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A powerful easy to use ecommerce solution-- Ashop Commerce

To be perfectly honest the ecommerce/shopping cart solution-- aShop Commerce, I am writing about this evening has been sitting in my inbox for several days. When I initially investigated this offering, I checked only two pages; [1] the home page and [2] the pricing page. My mistake. I liked the home page-- very professionally done, however after briefly checking the pricing page I was a little dismayed to learn this shopping cart solution included "everything".

What do I mean by everything? An end to end ecommerce solution that includes hosting and your choice of four plans that vary by maximum number of products, web space and bandwidth requirements.

For some reason, I did not think this type of offering was something most ecommerce site owners would want. This evening, I test drove one of two demonstration stores available for review, and changed my mind.

I am pretty impressed with this shopping cart solution. The application demonstrations [both as a store admin and as a shopper] are an absolute must if you are seriously looking for an end to end shopping cart solution for your ebusiness.

The software-- is pretty sophisticated, thorough and feature rich. The designers and developers have really thought of everything and the end users [site owners, store maintenance personnel, etc.] are going to find this shopping cart very easy to use.

Features include:

  • Integrated with all major banks and payment gateways
  • 50+ Professional Themes-- which are easily modified
  • Customizable template system
  • No knowledge of HTML required
  • Unlimited main / sub categories

For a complete list of features-- see here.

I am a software developer-- this shopping cart solution offers someone like me, very little to do. If you are not a software developer-- I think you will be happy with this powerful ecommerce solution.

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