Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Google PageRank: going, going-- gosh...

This blog has dropped from a PR4 to PR2 in just under a week. What's notable about this? First it went from PR4 to PR3 and then PR3 to PR2, all within the week. They [Google] called me once about a job-- probably because of the Blogger Calendar-- so I know they know of me. Maybe I need to offer to fix that "PR" algorithm. Just kidding.

It was at PR5 a year or two ago-- the highest page on the site [].

I wonder if they like the new Quick Map interface I recently installed on the WiredPages Dining & Travel page.

In the same time period, I also toyed with an Alexa Redirect to see if I could ensure Alexa counted all hits. I took it off almost as soon as I installed it, because I heard Google frowned on the practice-- and in doing so-- could cause a downward shift in PR. This blog was not affected by the use of the redirect and the redirect was employed for too short a period to cause this much damage.

I can never tell what motivates those with an algorithm. I have toyed with a few myself. I know how they work... They can affect income which can have disastrous ramifications for all concerned.

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