Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do you Facebook?

Do you Facebook? How are you using the service to further your business?

I have been using this service quite a bit recently. Mainly to join groups and post to discussion boards. I have not noticed any new business leads, however it is still early.

My service offerings [web hosting and development] should essentially allow me to go anywhere to find new business leads. Social and business groups, both on and offline. I think business forums are the toughest in as far as making new inroads because everyone is after the same thing-- new business.

I have looked into independently developing tools for Facebook. Looks like their developers have made this a very easy thing for outsiders to accomplish. Some of the benefits of taking a full time position with Facebook, include a new Mac Notebook. I briefly considered submitting my application. The move to San Francisco not the problem. I think corporate structure cannot fully utilize the many areas I wish to delve and I would probably have a hard time giving up this freedom.

I think I am going to keep my Facebook activities more social in nature. Look me up [Regina Thomas-- QiSoftware], I am always looking for new online friends.

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