Saturday, September 08, 2007

Profiles Project Update 9.04.07

Continuing work on the Professional Profiles project. Screen shot of the home page [click image to beta test]:

Everything is going well. I hope to have the service available for use by late-September. It will have its own domain and the template color scheme will probably undergo some changes. I am thinking shades of gray with a splash of red.

Why would you want to use the service?

  • Extensive Marketing
  • Curiosity-- who's in business and what do they do? [One Saturday I perused every short profile in a similar online service-- targeted at women].
  • Non-gender specific listings
  • Niche professionals
  • Low listing fee-- primarily to offset overhead costs
  • No frills, blogs, message boards. Only profiles -- not part of something larger.

Marketing slogan: ProfessionalProfiles-- Are you listed yet?

I am starting the marketing and research campaigns early in hopes of grabing the attention of those in small business and consulting communities. I am also hoping to locate a major sponsor. Sponsor incentive-- ad right upper corner, all pages.

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