Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Profiles Project Update 9.04.07

I have been working on the Professional Profiles project. Screen shot of the home page:

Everything is going well. I hope to have the service available for use by mid-September, no later than the end of the month. Why would you want to use the service? Here is the blurb I am providing on the home page:

Professional Profiles is a fee based service that provides business and professional listings. Benefits from using our service include:

  • business exposure

  • site exposure

  • network exposure

  • easy maintenance of your listing
Initial listing fees are based on estimated overhead expenditures for the coming year. The current initial listing fee is $9.95 per year.

Our guarantee-- your renewal fee will never be more than half your first year's listing fee. In other words, should you renew your listing with us next year, the fee will only be $4.90 even if initial listing fees have increased. This for the second, and all subsequent years your professional profile is listed with us.

I am starting the marketing campaign early, in hopes of grabing the attention of those in the small business and consulting arenas.

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