Sunday, September 02, 2007

Professional Profiles...

I have been working on a project that will provide yet another online database where professionals can tout their skills, tools, wares, and services.

This post is not about the project, but the software I plan to use with the project. Noah's Classifieds is a pretty sophisticated package and one of the many applications offered through Fantastico scripts. All Hosting-Q plans offer Fantastico scripts at no additional cost.

This spring I tried installing a version of Noah's Classifieds and ran into a number of problems. Today when I installed the application-- I had absolutely no problems. I have switched web hosts since my initial attempts and believe this may in part, be the reason I had the earlier problems.

Your query-- why not build the application [Professional Profiles] from the ground up? If I did, I would want to use Java and I do not have the time to dedicate to such a robust project. Noah's Classifieds will be great in this situation-- and essentially all I need to do is re-skin the application to suit my needs. I also note this-- to assure potential web hosting [Hosting-Q] clients, I will have extensive experience in this area should they too, decide to incorporate Noah's Classifieds on their sites.

Now that I see how easy this was to install-- I believe my last web host had a faulty installation script. At the time I decided to pass on fixing the script as I am always concerned with unauthorized use of my fixes and hacks. Some of the fixes take quite a bit of time to research, fix and test.

Now that I have the application installed-- this task will mainly be a re-skinning process and perhaps tweaking the code here and there. I am in no hurry so it will be something I do in my spare time.

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