Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Submissions Accepted

Because of ongoing communications problems, I have decided to wait before installing further software enhancements to the ProfessionalProfiles service. Some have indicated they are waiting for me to complete the enhancements before signing up.

It is my reasoning that if I am having email issues which prevent notifications of new submissions now-- then others may also have access to software enhancements I make to the application. Noahs Classifieds [underlying application for the ProfessionalProfiles service] is a difficult application to customize-- and I have no plans to provide free software solutions. I am adding new features and building new SQL queries using the PHP open source language.

Over the last couple of weeks I have offered many the opportunity to submit free profiles. According to my information, not one person signed up. Zero sign ups-- not the problem. The problem? There are all sorts of indications many have tried to reach me or sign up for this service or other services I have offered-- with no luck. I am not in the business of providing free software solutions. Business diverted from my sites is illegal.

I will install further updates-- once I am sure those wanting to list are able to. I do promote the service-- quite a bit. If you would like to submit your profile-- there is a $9.95 annual listing fee. At times I will offer promo codes-- for reduced rate or free listings. There are none available at this time.

Sometimes I feel that many think my services or the software tools I develop are free. They are not. Illegal use of my code or software tools is prohibited. [The US Government cannot nor can any other government entity-- overrule existing law. My tools and code are not there for the taking. An act of congress cannot violate my rights. Government scum-- I am not sure. I will have to see what the judicial process dictates.]

Right now the service is located at The address shown in the window, no matter what you are reviewing while using the service should contain this-- at the start of the address shown in your browser. There should be no browser redirects or change of address when accessing the service. Five [5] profiles are currently active in the system.

I have never had a problem with submitting a profile nor accessing the service. Some have indicated they had a problem accessing the service.

Regina Thomas

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