Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I submitted this blog and Q's Wire... to ReviewMe in May 2007. Q's Wire... has an odd status with ReviewMe. It appears to be listed-- yet there are no rankings nor dollar figures. It is also not in the MarketPlace. I have had one or two requests for a Q's Wire... review however, I declined both. When I asked ReviewMe why the odd status, I did not get a direct response.

You can get a review for $40.00 on this blog-- I think this is a great deal, at this time. The claim, my Alexa ranking is low. Hmmm...

It seems, only a few can find Q's Wire... on ReviewMe. Odd-- it is the most popular area on the QiSoftware site and almost daily I get requests for link placement on WiredPages. WiredPages is one of the least popular according to my stats.

A major Credit Card recently okayed ads for all areas of QiSoftware with the exception of one. Q's Wire... was accepted. I have not put up the ads, because 1) I did not ask to have them okayed and 2) it is not clear to me they will actually benefit me. So much of this looks like it benefits someone else. I must not be doing as badly as Alexa claims. I am baffled.

By the way, I routinely decline review offers for this blog, too. I think this blog is a good deal at this time and do not want to be taken advantage of. There is often a fine line between trying to show someone what I can actually provide in the way of hits versus being taken advantage of.

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