Friday, August 24, 2007

Other businesses I would like to blog about

Often small business owners are unsure what to blog about or do not have the time to blog about their daily operations.

I have given some thought to businesses I would love to blog about. One, a Bed & Breakfast operation. Why? The cozy, romantic nature of the business. You have couples or singles getting away from their busy lives for a quiet weekend. You meet different and interesting people. Of course you would have to be careful not to offend guests by providing too much information about their visits, but the daily operations could be very interesting.

Dining, mishaps, fun, funny, and of course discussion of guests perhaps out of the actual visit timeframe. A causal business observance with regard to visitors could also attract new visitors.

I could come up with any number of posts for a business like this?

Excluding your business, what other business do you think you could blog about?

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