Thursday, August 30, 2007

Building a Better Brochure

Monday, I spent most of the afternoon creating a hard copy brochure for a potential web hosting client. Something I had been planning to do, centralize the location of my template resources for demonstration purposes. This took up most of the afternoon.

Then it was off to put the letter/brochure together. I used Microsoft Word but could have used Publisher. The graphics would have been easier to handle with Publisher-- however I was not unhappy with the results. I also created new mailing labels for the combined QiSoftware <> Hosting-Q services. Looks something like this:

Some may think I have too much time on my hands. Perhaps I do. How often am I going to have a client request a brochure via regular mail? Create mailing labels? It was fun-- and easy. Well, there was a slight glitch in getting the mailing labels to align in the color ink-jet printer.

The Internet has made it so easy to put together online brochures for business. These days, I am not sure about costs for flyers, mailers, etc., but I appreciate the low cost of online marketing -- which allows me to showcase my tools and services in a widely seen market.

If you do not yet have an online presence for your business-- I can attest to the fact it is well worth the expenditure. How many clients are going to ask me for hard copy again? Not sure-- but the package I sent also provided links to my online marketing material.

If you would like to get started with online promotions for your business-- see Hosting-Q.

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