Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Exploitable PHP Scripts:: Hosting-Q Has Solutions

Popular today-- PHP/MySQL applications that are provided in web hosting packages as free programs. Examples include phpBB, WordPress, and ImageGallery.

These programs are a good deal and very popular. The problem -- they are so popular that many look for ways to exploit the many installations. That is why developers of these programs are constantly issuing new releases.

This is a pain in the neck for both web hosting organizations and those that use the programs. Web hosting organizations know-- their servers are at risk, if their clients do not update their versions of the scripts in a timely manner. Users do not want to update their versions of the program because they may have had cosmetic changes implemented and do not want to clobber any enhancements with the updates.

Unless you are on your own server or a private server-- the scripts should be updated. Hosting-Q understands this. We want to provide safe updates for your existing programs-- ensuring our servers remain at optimal performance levels and your applications continue to run smoothly.

How can we provide this service? We are a small outfit. I am a software consultant-- and I wish to stay in business. I cannot afford to not provide this service.

Let Hosting-Q take the headache out of keeping your business or blogging site safe and operational.

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