Monday, April 02, 2007

April 1, 2007 Site Stats

On April Fool's Day [yesterday] I had [Average Daily] 1354 hits to the main area on Q's Wire... resides in this area. This blog, WiredPages and the forums reside on their own sub-domains. Comparatively speaking-- the statistics are pretty amazing in that the first day of April garnered more than a third-- of the total hits for all of Nov 2006. Nonsense-- misread report. See the number of sites-- still good for one day. Site stats taken seconds after midnight with the previous day's stats factored in and very low. Not a good indicator this early in the month.

[Anyone in Washington want to take credit for their mistake[s]?] I completely screwed up in reading those charts-- only hurt me. I make mistakes-- rdt [April 3, 2007]. Do you?

The statistics look off for Jan and Feb 2007-- because they were not updated nightly and the log files were deleted. All has been corrected.

I have begun to promote WiredPages and the associated WiredPages business directory and quite frankly-- I am surprised at the burst of traffic that is directed at Q's Wire... and not the other areas.

Keep in mind-- I believe my site stats have routinely been reported lower than the actual sums. [The new web host seems to make a difference.] Alexa and other ranking sites appear to be using the lower totals. Maybe things are beginning to correct themselves. Will Alexa?

Last month Q's Wire... had about 2500 hits to the xml feed alone. The other feeds--> rss and rss2 had a lot of hits a well. This is for only the one blog and there is another [this one]. It does not include traffic to WiredPages, the main business site-- nor the forums.

I have seen sites with only a blog-- with an Alexa ranking that would amaze. Why? It appears they have a lot of links [blogrolls] on their sidebar. Are they getting hits?

SEO numbers for [see here] are good at 98%, so this does not appear to be the problem. I also have a key term associated with the site-- "Blogger Calendar". is ranked incorrectly. Why?

The numbers for April 1, 2007-- look about right. I think however, someone is going to claim an April Fool's joke.

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