Wednesday, September 20, 2006

USA Today Article: Blogs Put Businesses on Search Map

USA Today ran an article yesterday about business blogs and how they help to lure--
...more traffic to the company's website because it improves chances the site will reach the top of search-engine results. Blogs are easier and cheaper to update than conventional sites. And they encourage customer feedback on new products and services.

The article went on to provide examples of successful small business blogs. I agree, business blogging-- done right, is an excellent resource for business promotion.

Several years ago-- I looked into placing a listing with a local community phonebook. I did not blink at the cost-- which is well over what it costs to host Hosting-Q, today. QiSoftware is a bit more-- but not by much. And my reach is now global as opposed to the local community audience that the phonebook listing would have provided.

Business blogs are a great resource.

QiSoftware and Hosting-Q can help you set up your business future, today. We either integrate a blog into your existing framework-- or set up a business domain, that includes a business blog. Contact QiSoftware or Hosting-Q for more details.

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At 2:19 AM, 4MySales said...

Regina, Business blogs are a great resource to increase traffic to your site and if done right, to specifically target your client demographic. However, traditional print media still has its place in marketing, it is just becoming less and less important.



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