Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Portability Issues...

When I was more worried about X-Windows and an array of ANSI programming languages like C and FORTRAN, rather than the Internet and how many different browsers played well with my code-- I worried about software portability issues.

Old habits are hard to break. I spend a great deal of time ensuring every browser I can find works well with my code. The last browser I gave up on-- Netscape 4.7.

Templates I am designing for use with the "Dynamic Business Pages" project-- are designed to work with every browser I can find. The exception-- Netscape 4.7.

Another term that maybe confusing to some-- Open... Open Environment used to mean software able to execute properly on any platform [operating system or some flavor of operating system-- unix used to be flavored]. Today I believe the term "OPEN" is somehow confused with Open Source and somehow synonymous with the term "free software".

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