Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hosting-Q Web Hosting Solutions

QiSoftware is happy to announce-- Hosting-Q, a web hosting solution has begun operations. Found on the net, the service offers web hosting services and custom software solutions at cost effective rates.

Hosting-Q hopes to find a market with business owners, non-profit organizations and personal users who are rapidly coming online to promote their businesses, organizations or personal lives through blogging.

Especially important to Hosting-Q-- the small business owner who needs an online presence without the overhead of a fully managed web hosting service. Hosting-Q is a scalable solution for this niche market, because it can integrate software solutions and tools as the client's business grows-- at no additional cost.

Hosting-Q also offers-- a means to afford emergency software support without going through the sticker shock of what those services can cost. Hosting-Q's proprietor, is a software consultant with many years of programming experience. This is an important aspect for many business owners-- who want to be more concerned with staying abreast of their own business areas and not the many issues associated with-- browsers, CSS, HTML or whether or not the latest version of WordPress or phpBB is installed on their service. Hosting-Q will ensure all of these things.

Another benefit-- if a client does decide some template tweaking is in order-- a full time software consultant will be available, if things do not work out as planned. One of the most common issues today-- "I broke my template, can anyone help?". We offer insurance for unexpected problems such as this. note... it is very important to backup templates and style sheet definition files before making changes.

Hosting plans start at $7.95/mo. for personal users up to $24.95/mo. for business owners with no contract required. Offerings include as many MySQL databases as required, POP Email accounts, cPanel for easy web hosting management, blogs, image hosting, forums, subdomains, addon domains [business plans], Fantastico, a myriad of other software tools and applications, and insurance for emergency programming needs.

What makes our service different?
"The level of software support we are providing to our clients..."

Regina Thomas

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