Thursday, June 15, 2006

Domain Mapping

I have been reading about Domain Mapping on Dave Taylor's site. I asked the LinkedInBloggers group how it was that TypePad blogs looked like they were being hosted on private domains. Several in the group provided the explanation of Domain Mapping.

Domain Mapping appears to be a two step process, requiring access to both the resource that is to be mapped and the domain registrar.

I am a bit concerned about this because in the past when I have asked affiliate managers about sales, they had odd responses-- which sale and what was the transaction number [my reports indicate I have never sold anything-- so why ask me in that manner...]? I recorded two affiliate sales for which I was never credited. Why? And why the confusion?

As I have lamented-- blatant denial see Why Me? Index, of my basic rights has occurred, so why use this bit of subterfuge if the Government is involved. The may wish to have it look semi legal? Enough are aware of this situation and I do not like subterfuge.

For the record, I have never mapped any of my domains-- but I have suspected unauthorized access to various accounts.

My current domains and sub-domains [which may have had affiliate ads] include:

---- no longer used/redirected from an AOL site -----

I have also used:

Make sure you know who has access to your accounts. No one else has been granted access to my accounts. Not ever.

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