Saturday, April 22, 2006

NS&J::Deleting Inactive Users

Lately, I have been inundated with forum sitters so I developed a PHP hack for the News, Software & Java forums which enables quick deletion of inactive users on the board.

Forum Sitters
Those registering with forums and promoting sites under the guise of being the last member to sign up and therefore getting the curiosity [?who was the last to sign-up] link on the home-page of the forum.

Done in mass, I suppose it can generate a lot of traffic for the forum sitter's site, however it is a pain in the neck for forum administrators. There is a small glitch in my forum software that allows users to register without being activated and no way to prevent the signup before this occurs. The most recent registrant gets the home-page "curiosity link", no matter if they are active or inactive. Not even the visual challenge, at sign up can prevent this.

I hesitate to update the official board software because each time a new release is issued I have to reapply any changes I make. This new hack will allow me to delete all inactive users at once and is independent of the forum software modules.

Another problem -- the software will not allow users to register [appears to be an intermittent problem]. I have temporally applied a fix. In addition, board users are not accurately being reported. I recently installed the latest release of phpBB [v2.0.20] but I do not think it is related to this problem.

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