Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogger Calendar Feasibility Check --

New buttons on each QiSoftware blog that supports a Blogger Calendar will allow interested parties to submit their blogs for a "Blogger Calendar" feasibility check. QiSoftware blogs [with calendars] include:

When I receive your request I will email a confirmation code. I will later publish just the confirmation codes in posts on Q's Wire... This in an attempt to avoid email problems.

Since developing the calendar [September 2004], I have received about 30 related emails. In the same time period I have received one phone call. Given the numbers I see in various places related to the term "Blogger Calendar", I believe there are problems with my communications. I should have more curiosity emails and phone calls. This new access channel, hopefully will help to alleviate some of my communications woes.

Screenshot taken yesterday, of a major online search utility for keywords/terms.

This screenshot was arbitrary and consistent with what I have noticed as related to the "Blogger Calendar" term. In addition, the related search engine provided direct links to my sites on the first page of their results or to a forum with my reference links.

If you were to review the search results of any major online search engine for the term "Blogger Calendar" -- in most cases a QiSoftware link is either the direct link or the reference link on a forum -- for most of the entries provided on the first page of the results. The forums board where I originally posted the development announcement has about 7000 views alone. My board has 1158 as of right now.

For the search numbers I have seen-- as related to "Blogger Calendar", 30 emails and one phone call over the year and a half the calendar has existed, seems inconsistent with the general curiosity of the blogging public.

My version of the Blogger Calendar, to date only exists on the blogs I have listed above. If you have found another -- that works like mine, please let me know.

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