Saturday, February 11, 2006

Enlarging Fonts Via Web Browser

Have you checked your web pages to see how the fonts look when you either enlarge or make smaller the browser font size? I have been tweaking the CSS elements of WiredPages -- [had a serious problem with Mac IE], so I have been testing the changes in every browser I can find. While at the library yesterday, noticed that when the browser font was set to the largest setting [Windows IE browser], the left sidebar shifted down because the menu element "Entertainment" was too wide for the area. This only occurs when there is also an ad in the adspace next to the menu. The Mac and other Windows browsers simple shift the adspace column to the right. In some cases this could also look incorrect but not as bad as the shift down with the Windows IE browser.

The "fix" for this problem, since the down shift only occurs with a Windows IE browser, is to set the font for the area in question, with a point size. Windows IE browsers are not affected by the browser font size change when the initial setting is defined with a point-size (pt) font specification in the page definition.

In the style section of your page definition [or your_page.css file -- sans the <style></style> tags] the setting would look similar to this:

problem_area {
font-size: 9pt;

I spent a couple of hours checking some of my favorite pages. If your pages do not appear as you may have hoped, you aren't alone. I still have a problem with an earlier version of Safari [enlarging the font while viewing WirdPages] that I am not sure how to correct. Let me know your "tricks" to fix your web page problems.

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