Sunday, January 15, 2006 currently in beta, is a social networking site for professional, semi-professional, and amateur writers/bloggers. Users are able to post articles, network with other members, and at some point earn from advertisers willing to sponsor the many articles that will be available to the general public.

Touted as an older more sophisticated version of MySpace, the popular teen blogging network gathering place, is hoping to attract high-quality, experienced writers and bloggers to add to its archives of quality articles covering a myriad of topics from Politics, Business & Finance to Style and Living.

I tend to write with an informal approach to business and personal issues -- therefore I will not be submitting articles via this network. I am a member of LinkedIn and have accepted several connection requests -- for business reasons. My only question with regard to this new online networking forum -- "If I were a member, why would I connect to other members?" The site claims you can earn Gather Points... Is it like TypePad's "Add Me To Your Friends List"?

Possible Reasons:
(1) A Fad - LinkedIn members love to connect...
(2) Forward thinking for something in the future...

How do you know I am not a professional writer? -- I pondered this question "Why would I connect...?" longer than I rechecked this post for awkwardness, grammar, and other writing problems I tend to overlook where I am concerned.

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