Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogging On a Budget...

I have given a lot of thought to an Entrepreneur Magazine article, [Using Blogs to Attract Customers, [Dated: July '05]], I read recently, about an e-Tailer [] and the business's new blog []. The article discussed the reasons why the business owner started the blog, associated costs, methods used to update the blog, and projections for when the gains would out-weigh the costs.

What really caught my attention was the [blog] cost -- $60,000 as of the date of the article [July '05] and another projected $50,000 during the second year.

Did it work? I ran both of his sites against Alexa rankings and found his e-tailing site [], with a pretty good ranking of 28,235 -- certainly better than I thought it would be and the blog [] -- Alexa currently ranks at 402,120. Of course, I do not know where his numbers were before the blog started, but the keyword "binoculars" is unique and the site is the first result with Google when that keyword is used.


Does my business blog direct potential clients to my business site for custom software solutions? Even with a popular term like "Blogger Calendar"...? Not that I can tell...

How popular is the term "Blogger Calendar"?

Snapshot taken: 11/13/05
see this post

Snapshot taken: 1/22/06 [today]

The number of views -- represented by 3873 in the first picture and 5459 in the second are the indicators. [Not me incrementing the counts...]

BTW: The forum thread [] I started as noted in the above diagrams, is the number one result with Google when the search term "Blogger Calendar" is used.

I am not sure I want to spend $60,000 on a business blog.

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