Sunday, January 01, 2006

Affiliate Programs... December '05

My major affiliate program yielded 6227 impressions, 34 click-throughs, and no sales. All but two of the click throughs were for the travel search ad located on Q's Wire. I have noticed, that adjustments are made to the number of click-throughs on or about the third day of the new month -- however it appears that the click throughs are recorded for the new month and not the month they actually occurred in. The number of click-throughs recorded for any one day seems to indicate this trend. For instance, last month the travel affiliate all of a sudden recorded 31 click throughs around the beginning of the month -- and then mostly nothing. Several questions about sales I recorded were never properly addressed by this affiliate program and I am still waiting for an explanation.

A secondary program yielded, 1592 impressions, 2 click throughs, and no sales.

I had $2.82 in revenue from the AdSense program for the month of December.

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